E-1000 exposing unit

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Entry level table top exposing unit, holds 53 x 61 cm screen with vacuum hold down, timer and black UV lights.
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E-1000-logo_sm Exposing unit E-1000   Entry Level Exposing Ultraviolet Units The E-1000 is our newest UV exposure unit designed for the entry level market.  This high quality machine is sold as a table top.   Standard features : Power vacuum hold down 53x61 cm screen capacity 4 - 61 black UV bulbs Uses Electronic Ballasts Vacuum draws through lower frame Precision timer controls lights and vacuum Heavy duty frame with bearing lid locks High bulb density VRS Pin Registration compatible Screens can be VRS pin registered    

Data sheet

Heating size
Wholesale Price
Type of Light
Black UV lights
Size of the platen
Electrical power
220 Volts
Own tab
Size of the belt
Printing size
Maximum screen size
53 x 61
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