Machinenery for manual and automatic screen printing. Manual and automatic press, infrared dryers, screen drying rack, exposition units and Screen and washout booths. We propose the all range of machinery for screen printing from Vastex USA and Anatol

Equipment for textile printing

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High-Output Infrared Flash...

Flash Cure Units
Price €1,450.00

Adjustable forced air system protects delicate textiles during infrared flash-curing of plastisol inks, speeds the evaporative drying of water based inks, and cools the enclosure for operator safety.

Vastex V2000 HD

Vastex V-2000 HD
Price €4,490.00

Premium screen printing presses V-2000 HD series. Manual Rotary Heavy Duty 1 to 1 colors, to 1 to 10 stations Holds accurate multicolor printing registration.

E-4731 Exposing unit

Exposing Units
Price €3,760.00

Premium level floor model exposing unit equipped with Digital timer, 40w High Output bulbs and a 119.4 x 78.7cm or two 58.4 x 78.7cm screen capacity.

Econored 2

Infrared Dryers
Price €6,220.00

High production dryer for mid to large sized shops that need outputs of 300* pcs/hr/chamber. A compact powerhouse with many advanced features such as digital temperature control, power exhaust and air recirculation.