TEXIPLUS : Water based ink for textile

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Waterbased ink Texiplus for printing on Tee-Shirt. Easy drying with hardener without fixing. Large range of colors available.
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New waterbased ink Texiplus     Application : Super covering ink for printing on dark coloured fabrics, as well as natural as most of the synthetic fabrics. Also very suitable for transferprinting.   Properties : Very covering, extremely suitable for printing on dark fabrics Very flexible and elastic, despite of its high covering capacity No rubber feeling, but a very soft feeling Extensive colour range Respects the environment Does not contain solvents : 100% water basis Does not contain heavy metals or noxious pigments Does not contain PVC   Cleaning : We advise to clean with (warm) water and detergent immediately after the impression, eventually on high pressure.   Drying and fixation : Takes place at 150°C for 3 minutes. When adding 3% hardener HOT nr 3, fixation is not necessary. The washing resistance is optimal after 5 days of drying in open air. The inks has to be used for printing within 24 hours.   Dilution : Max. 10% water Slow reducer OTS 5000 Flexible reducer OTS 7000   Mesh : Screen P34T to P77T   Emulsion : Waterproof film has to be used.   Colours : Printed on a black background, the colours come close to the colours of our colour range. Addition of the OTS 150 basis or of the pigment pastes is possible.  

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