Texart RT-640

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New Roland Sublimation printer RT-640. The Texart delivers the refined and expressive power of textiles right down and to the finest detail. Developped specially for textiles, the RT-640 provides superb quality vivid coloring and highly performance.  
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logo_Roland The Texart delivers the refined and expressive power of textiles right down to the finest detail.  Developed specifically for textiles, the RT-640 provides superb quality,  vivid coloring and highly stable performance.  The RT-640 can add value to your business through a wide range of applications including apparels, signs, interior décors, and original goods. The RT-640 with Roland’s new Texart ink delivers bold and vibrant colors, deep and rich blacks, subtle gradations and remarkable fine detail. With the addition of Orange and Violet ink, the Texart ink offers a broader range of colors, enabling vivid printing with high contrast. The new Black ink has depth and density to produce accurate, intense and high-class graphics. Through the RT-640’s optimized print control technology, beautifully sharp print image quality can be achieved to bring out the full expressive powers of Texart ink. Among entry-level dye sublimation transfer printers, the RT-640 has achieved the industry’s highest level of practical print speed, 22.0m²/h. Optimized fan absorption power keeps transfer paper flat for printing. Furthermore, a newly designed Feed Adjuster at the front and back provides even tensioning and prevents skewing. The results are a precisely wound roll on the take-up reel for smooth transition to the next heating process.  

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