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How to choose between printing techniques ? There are a variety of printing techniques that designers can use to produce. Some are older than others, some are not as easily available as they used to be and others are much more expensive and often out of a clients budget. Regardless of the specifics or availability, all of these types of printing are still in practice today. It is important to know what you want to do in order to select the best possible materials and processes for the project.   SCREEN PRINTING Silkscreen printing, or screen printing for short offers a wide range of brightly colored inks and is often used for printing t-shirts, posters and other promotional materials. The process involves a design being laid on top of a screen (originally made of silk although a variety of materials are now used) which is coated with photo emulsion and exposed to light. The emulsion that is exposed hardens and the rest can be washed away leaving a stencil of sorts that ink can be pulled through using a squeegee. This techniques need to have some knowledge in the screen printing process. The Budget is very variable Digital Print on every type of support and directly from computer. Ideal for small to short run. Easy to use. The price of the machine are high. Heat transfert For small quantity only. The investment i slow and the machines are easy to use. The quality of the final product is limited.   Dye Sublimation For prining on polyester only. Easy to use with low investment and starting knolesdge   Wa are at your disposal for hel you choosing the right process and product.

Printing techniques

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